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3rd-Apr-2012 02:43 pm
the black donnellys/boondock saints crossover


"is jimmy here?" kevin asked, snapping tommy out of his thoughts of the two brothers. he looked at kevin and nodded. "yeah, he's in the waiting room."

"so what kev? did you owe them money?"

kevin blinks but doesn't reply. he doesn't look at tommy, either. that's typical tommy, though: if kevin's in trouble then he must have made a bad bet.

"no," kevin says finally. "i didn't even know them. they were just there."

"they were just hanging around an alley?"

"i guess. i never really got to ask them why they were there."

tommy sighed. "alright. so what, then? that's usually why people wanna hit you," he says, trying to lighten the mood, but it sounds wrong because kevin was nearly killed, not just threatened or smacked across the face. and usually if he owes anybody money tommy's always there to fix things before it could get too out of hand. kevin hadn't said anything to him about owing anyone anything so maybe they weren't after him specifically; he'd just shown up in the alley at the wrong time. again, though, he wonders why those guys were in the alley in the first place, what reason anybody could have for hanging out in the back alley of some rundown new york city bar.

"i was drunk," kevin muttered. "uh, joey was being stupid, passing me shots, and i took em. then he bet i couldn't drink another so i drank like three more. i got fifty bucks outta him for it." tommy could see kevin smiling and couldn't help but smile himself because kevin never won any bets. but honestly, what was joey thinking, a donnelly would lose a bet that involved alcohol? no way that'd ever happen. "i got drunk and went out the back exit instead of going in the washroom. those guys were just there, tommy, i swear i didn't make any bets...not after sean, i wouldn't be that stupid."

"yeah," tommy said, and he knew kevin wasn't lying. even without tommy ordering him not to gamble anymore after the incident with louie downtown, kevin would have given it up quickly because there was no way he would allow his brothers to come to harm again because of it. except that gambling was more than just a stupid side hobby kevin had picked up and casually participated in; it was an addiction, and it had consumed kevin whole years go, before he was even old enough to step foot in a casino. he had found other ways, though, betting kids at school (and losing his lunch money nearly every day) or following jimmy or tommy and betting their friends stupid things like the weather. most of the time they'd turn him down, or refuse to take his money because "he was just a kid" but quite a few times he'd be forking over every cent he'd earned helping out around the house or mowing lawns. "okay. what happened after you got out there?"

"i already said," kevin muttered, dragging his gaze away from tommy again to stare down at the floor. "they just attacked me."

"i know, hit you with a crowbar, right?"

kevin nodded. jimmy scowled. "a fuckin crowbar? if i ever find those assholes i'll hit them with a crowbar."

"i think it was your crowbar," kevin said, and he sounded too casual when he said it.

"huh?" the oldest donnelly replied.

"well, i mean, you're always locking yourself outta the bar," kevin explained.

"oh, yeah. shit. i'm sorry, kev, i never knew i left it out in the alley."

"not your fault, they woulda just hit me with something else if that wasn't there."

kevin looked up then, to glance out the window. he had heard his brothers talking with the two macmanuses about that free beer still being on offer so he'd just assumed they were going to the firecracker lounge; when he looked out the window, though, he saw that they were driving away from the bar, into their neigbourhood. "tommy, i'm not going home yet. ma's gonna be fussing all over me."

"so what? i told her we'd drop you off before going to the bar."

kevin breathed out angrily. "i'm not a kid, tommy, and i feel fine. i don't need to go get coddled by my mother. that's what sean's for."

tommy smacked kevin's arm. "shut up. you know sean's hurt. worse than you."

kevin glared at his brother and sat back in his seat. "you wanna know what happened in that alley?" he asked quietly, staring at the back of connor's seat as he spoke. he didn't want tommy to look at him and see the fear in his eyes.

"you know i do. we both do, even if jimmy doesn't seem to care that much."

"shut up tommy. i knew you'd do all the talking," jimmy replied, a bit mockingly. "that's your job, isn't it?"

"shut up jimmy. you can talk all you want, i don't care."

jimmy smirked at kevin and leaned back in his own seat, going back to staring out the window.

"alright," kevin said. "i'll tell you, but only if i get to go to the bar with you guys. you send me home and i don't say another word about what happened."

tommy sighed, but he should have seen this coming. kevin was used to being left out. with tommy and sean at school and jimmy down at the bar kevin wound up spending his mornings home with ma and his afternoons either doing the same, helping out at the bar (mostly alone because once he showed up jimmy would suddenly disappear, leaving kevin in charge even though he'd ony shown up to help clean tables or manage the bar when jimmy had other things around the bar to do), or wandering around town with joey ice cream. and right now, kevin was about to be left out again. ma and sean were home, but he was right: their ma would fuss over him but then she'd send him to bed. even at twenty-one, kevin couldn't say 'no' to his mother, not a lot of people could...and kevin had helen donnelly as a mother. she never seemed to understand the concept of the word no, especially when her boys were trying to use it to get by her orders.

"okay," tommy agreed. "you can come with us. but connor and murphy'll be listening, and they'll tell me if you're lying about what happned. if you lie, i tell ma the doctor said you should stay in bed for a week. got it?"

kevin nodded—he couldn't exactly argue a different approach because if he tried that tommy would just send him home anyway—while connor shot a look at murphy. the mention of their names had surprised them. they'd been quiet most of the ride, wanting to give the three donnelly brothers time to talk, and now tommy was suddenly dragging them into it. murphy shrugged, silently telling connor, "whatever. might as well do it." connor nodded in agreement, then went back to focusing on driving. he had never really been in this area before and it had been hell trying to find the neighbourhood the donnellys lived in; now he was being asked to turn around and go to the firecracker lounge—he knew where that was, and could have easily gotten there from the hospital no problem. connor sighed; this was the last time he would play chauffeur to anyone not related to him, and even then the list was short considering the only living relatives he was aware of were his brother, his ma, and some aunt who lived up in alaska. and he didnt even know her name, so he doubted he would be offering her a ride anytime soon. or ever. he pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store and looked out the windows to try and see if he could figure out which way to go because he had no idea how to get the donnelly's bar from where he currently was. he couldn't figure it out, though, so he decided to turn the car around and head back the way they had come from. he figured he would find the bar eventually. 

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